About us

NextG is an agency specializing in creating websites, mainly using WordPress. We work with various companies, providing them with custom WordPress solutions, improve the work of sites.


NextG was founded in 2017 as a company that provides only WordPress solutions. The main reason for the creation was that we found that there are not so many developers on the market, as well as companies that would provide really high-quality solutions using WordPress.

Over time, we began to gradually change direction with the expansion of our customers. The bigger our clients became, the less in some cases it was logical to use WordPress.

Evolving, we began to offer new solutions to our customers, automate and improve their business processes related to the web part. This allows us to say that we are not just creating websites now, but also helping our clients with their growth.

How do we work?

We have a lot of experience in online work with clients from various continents, so distance and time difference are not any problem for us. Using Skype,  Slack, emails or Google docs we manage our projects very efficiently. In everyday team work we use tools such as Jira, Bitbucket.

Before we start developing a new project, we decide which technology will be most appropriate for this case. For this we discuss with our client what exactly he wants to get now, what level of attendance is planned, how much information is required to be stored. And we also plan the possibility of application scaling – what grow prospects does the client see. Thus, we determine which technologies are more suitable for the client from the list:

  1. CMS (WordPress)
  2. PHP Framework (Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter)
  3. JS Framework (Reactjs, Vuejs) + PHP Framework
  4. NodeJs + Js Framework
  5. Or something more advanced

There are technologies that our team constantly uses regardless of the project level, such as Sass, Less, Bootstrap.

Why our core technology is WordPress

As mentioned above, before the start of the project it is required to determine the technology and there are a lot of options. However, the most common choice falls on WordPress, as it is an excellent technology for launching, or when changing the concept (direction of business) – both for company websites and for shops.

We have identified the main advantages for this technology:

  1. Excellent price-quality relationship
  2. High speed of development and modification of the current project, its updates
  3. Clear and already familiar for everyone admin panel. Many people know how to use it, which allows the client to give access to marketers and a content manager who can easily change everything they need without constantly contacting the development team.
  4. A large number of good plugins, which greatly facilitate the life of both – developers and those who lead this site

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